The Case for Starting Now

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    We help owners find the key to unlock value, avoid common traps 

    -Virtually everyone overestimates their company's values.

    -80% of owners need to grow their business' value to attract buyers - but wait too long to start. As a result...

    -Few companies are ready to sell at the value owners expect, so they struggle to attract serioius buyers and generally fail in due diligence.

    -Only 2 in 10 business ultimately sell.

    -Just 3 in 10 family successions work and last.

    -75% of former owners report being unhappy within a year of transition.

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    Transition-ready companies are worth more -- whether for sale or not

    -Things that build value -- that buyers care about -- are the same things that grow sustainable companies.

    -Building value brings more time and financial freedom -- before, during, after transition.

    -The sooner you start, the more evidence you'll have to claim premium value

    -Being ready helps owners deal with unforseen problems (eg health issues) or surprise others.

    -Being ready doesn't mean you have to...